Creating a database based on button clicks

Hello all I am trying to create a form for my athletes to fill out after training. On the opening page I have created buttons with each of their names (names page), when their name is clicked it will go to a second page with a list of numbers on buttons (rating page). when they click a rating it will go back to the “names page” for the next athlete to fill out.

Each of my athletes will need to fill this form out everyday and I would like to record their responses on a data base with the date.

Hoping for it to show up like this:

April 7th 2019
Kyle 6
Ryan 9
James 3

April 8th 2019
Ryan 4
James 4
Kyle 9

and so on…

Open for all ideas! Thank you!

If you just want a simple data base you can create a data type by clicking ‘data’ then create new and call it athletes for example after that create the required amount of fields. Then create the input box’s with a button. On the button workflow make it ‘Make changes to user’ (Assuming they have an account) and just match that data with the section you have just created in the data types section.

Hopefully that made sense lol! Let me know if I can help

Hello, thank you for your response.

I apologize as this is my first experience with using bubble, as well as app creating (if that wasn’t apparent).

I have somehow stumbled onto how to get the names and scores to record when clicked but they are not listed together as hoped. Any info or ideas is much appreciated.

Edit: each athlete is not required to sign in. I am hoping to walk around with my iPad after training and just have the athletes quickly click their name then score then move onto the next athlete. if possible.

Thats all good!

What I would do is set it up like this:




How the data shows when submitted

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: if you don’t want the users to have to type a name in you can create a dropdown menu and just have them select a name that way.

Dropdown menu:

Awesome! I may have been editing my last post while you were creating your latest response, I apologize. With this setup, is it still possible to accomplish this goal?

“I am hoping to walk around with my iPad after training and just have the athletes quickly click their name then click their score then move onto the next athlete. if possible.”

my current form set up looks like this

Names page:

upon click it moves to the rating page which looks like this

it is somewhat important to me to keep this two click method as I will be dealing with many athletes in a short amount of time and feel this is the quickest route over typing or dropdown. If the two button click method is difficult or not possible I think I can handle the “Send Data” method you described.

Thank you for your help thus far!

Okay thank you so much for your help, I am still trouble shooting on my end!

Yeah sorry I can’t be of more help, I’m having trouble finding a way to store the button push without actually creating a log in the data base I’ll continue to play around and see if I can work anything out.

No worries! The problem is technically solved, just hoping to find another solution.

Thanks for your help!