Not able to record number of clicks in the database!

Hi there, been stuck in this for quite long, your help is very much appreciated.

My purpose is to record the number of times a certain button is clicked, but I’m not able to do so and I’m not sure what the issue is.


I’ve created a repeating group, and placed 2 buttons in it namely “dabu” and “jamru” for left and right scrolling between cells (there is only one cell visible, users need to press the required button to navigate to the previous or next cell). Now, when button “dabu” is clicked by the user, that user should be recorded in the database, in the field that I’ve created named “LeftSwipes” and when button “jamru” is clicked, the user should be recorded in the field “RightSwipes”.

To ensure this. I’ve done following things:

  1. Created fields name “LeftSwipes” and “RightSwipes” in the custom datatype “Videos”.
  2. Added two buttons namely “dabu” and “jamru” for left and right scrolling respectively.
  3. Created the workflow as follows:

Image of workflow when dabu button (to go left or previous) is clicked.

Image of workflow when jamru button (to go right or next) is clicked.

I thought this much was sufficient to add users who pressed the button “dabu” or “jamru” to get recorded in the database fields “LeftSwipes” and “RightSwipes” respectively. But they’re not being added. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing some simple thing or committing some silly mistake. I’ve spent way longer than I should’ve on this issue, so your guidance and help is very much appreciated.

Have you checked how things are working.not working in the debugger?

Hi. I checked in the debugger after you said and everything seems fine to me.Here are the screenshots step by step, please have a look:

Step 1: When button Jamru (To move to the next cell of RG) is clicked

Step 2: When asked to record the click on “jamru”

Step 3: When action of showing next cell of RG is performed

So have you checked evaluator for “RightSwipes add Current User”? What’s happening there?

@artemzheg thanks for taking time to reply. I checked in evaluator like you said, and it shows that “Parent group’s videos: (empty)”. However, it shouldn’t be empty as “Videos” is my custom data type and it should contain data of “leftswipes”, “rightswipes”, “videofiles” and “videourls”. Can you please help me understand what is causing it to show as “empty”? Below is the screenshot:

Have you checked that your parent group has a proper Thing and it’s not empty by itself?

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