Creating a document Creation SAAS

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a SAAS similar to document creation tools like docusing,etc. Of course way less complex.

I want to create a workflow where one uploads a docx document > this document is read by the system and it gets all HTML Tags like {Name}{Date}, etc.>Maps out the document with dynamic data> and saves a template out of it which is used to generate a document.

Is this doable in or should I use some code and set up an API for part of the workflow. I know how to produce Docxs, I am more of a concerned how to save this on database (the template) and (how to actually set up the template creation part (reading the docx, identifying marked fields {} and mapping them out.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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This is a good idea for the saas I think. You can try Bubble. But first learn about it, research and analyze to see if it matches the needs.

And please let us know here what path you have chosen finally.

Wish you a success for the project.

And please do not forget to post in the forum whenever you are stuck.

Hey I’ve been learning bubble for the past 2 years. I finally decided to quit my job and jump fully on it. I am an airtable and no code API expert and also learned bubble during this path. My software will solve al ot and I already developed a major part of it like days of and other stuff in settings. But I need a bit help to set up the part of agreement creation from a template.

Hi ilikras,

Doing this is Bubble should be possible, you might need to create your own plugin in order to have the NPM package docxtemplater available with which you can replace the placeholders you mention by actual values (and perform loops etc).

As a last resort, It can definitely be done with Python (I have done something similair in the past).

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