Creating A First Project

Hello, I was looking for some tutorials on here, I went to the Learning Center. But I don’t know how to start with my first project. Do I need to buy something? I just see Learning Center, Showcase, Ideas and Community. I am looking to build a CAD/MDT product :slight_smile:.

You’ll want to start with all of the tutorials Bubble provides, and make sure to do them twice… afterwards check out,,, for some more resources.

@femrite.j.t did you ever figure out how to create a new project? I’m in the same situation… the links provided by @scott3 did not help me…

Thank you

Gents, please see the screenshot below. Be sure to take the lessons.

Found it! Thank you, @scott3!

And be sure to go to Coaching Bubble’s YouTube channel and website because Gaby has tons of free videos and very useful information for anyone starting out.

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