Creating a header for a repeating group

In addition to what @futurhead said, you should make sure the header groups and body groups are identical. If as much as a single pixel is different in any of them, inlcuding their responsive settings, everything will be in disorder.

How would you do this using the new responsiveness engine. I couldn’t get the collapse when hidden to work. Other items remain positioned lower on the rows

Hi, when I set the condition ‘Current cell’s index is 1’ … this seems to impact only the top row. All the other rows are still showing the header … what I mean is that when tested by making the header invisible at index 1, only the top row doesn’t show the header, but all the others keep showing it … not sure how you guys have it working ?? Can you help?

Set it as not visible on page load and the conditional is to make it Visible (not Invisible) when the Current Cell’s Index is 1

I was wondering what are the benefits to place this header inside the RG (to show only on index 1 of the RG) instead of outside of the repeating group. For example what about paging? If you go to page 3 of 10. Wil the header still be visible on index 1?

Great Idea when if the content of the second group is dynamic in the name of the column
then you can rename the group header element according to the name of the content group column