Unique First Cell in Repeating Group?

Is it possible to have the first cell in the repeating group to be unique, and also be scrollable? I’m trying to implement almost an embedded header button. Here is a quick illustration below:

Black is the page. Green is the RG element. First cell is Red, using a unique group. After that, all the following cells in Blue use standard elements


Hence the name “Repeating Group”, I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.
The cells following the first are supposed to copy it.
It may be possible, though (depending on what you are building) to place a text or group on top. It won’t scroll with the rest of the repeating group, but it will remain separate from your Repeating Group.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You could have a nested RG in the first on and make it conditional to only show up if the Current cell index is 1

Is it a requirement that the first cell be the unique thing? Why not just have a group (which is unique already) followed by the RG?

If it’s absolutely required, build two groups in the first cell, invisible on page load, collapse when this element is hidden checked. Add a conditional to the first one (when this cell’s index is 1 > this element is visible “checked”), and to the second one (when this cell’s index is not 1 >this element is visible “Checked”)


@duke.severn The requirement is that the entire section scrolls. so as I’m scrolling the repeating group, I no longer want that group of elements to show up, essentially to scroll with the group. That’s exactly what I ended up doing, using a conditional to show/hide via the first cell. Thanks

ps. since it’s a repeating group, that first-cell group will show up in every other cell hidden, I’m wondering if that will impact anything

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