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Hi everyone,

I am using a repeating group (call it #1) containing some data, in which I can show/hide individual repeating groups (call it #2).
When the 2# repeating group (several lines) shows up, it stretchs the #1 repeating group’s current cell, which is totally normal.

But when the #2 repeating group is being hidden, the #1 repeating group’s cell stays stretched : I want to visually condense, shorten as possible the #1 repeating group.

I thought about setting a workflow which would make the #1 repeating group load again so as it returns to its original shape (as at first page load). But I can not find how to set such a workflow.

Any other ideas ?


Hi @kevinalexbalian,

Put RG 2 inside of a group and enable “collapse height when hidden” in the group’s property settings (near the bottom). Have the RG 1 element (a text or button maybe) trigger the “toggle” action to toggle this group’s visibility.

When hidden, the group will collapse and allow the cell in RG 1 to return to a condensed height.

Check this out for a quick tutorial:

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Absolutely perfect ! Many thanks.

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