Creating a line with two columns in multiline input

I’m making an application that the final result is an list os itens in multiline input.

1 x Product A
2 x Product B

But in multiline input, when I make an expression like this:

"columnA"JOINWITH"columnB"JOINWITH"line_break it doesn’t work

When I use “Intersect with” or “merged with” it doesn’t work as well because the columnA is number and columnB is text.

Please, help me with this. There is a way with regex or something else?

Do you want your users to modify this data?

If not there is no reason to use a multiline input and you can just create a group and set it up to style the way you want.

If you do want the user to modify the data, you again don’t need to use the multiline input for all this data in one element. Break it up into different pieces using different elements.

Hey! Thanks! But I’m using this multiline to output a text :formatted to html. To send a Whatsapp message. In a group I can do this?

You can if you create a yes no condition then do :formatted as text which will give you access to the rich text editor

Current User is Current User :formatted as text

Thanks! but sorry, I didn’t get it.

I need to format this group as url, sorry for my mistake, to send as a message.

I did this Group following the instructions . But it don’t send the message formatted as url.

and the workflow

What @chad suggested is a way to accomplish your goal if it all needs to be used together as you mentionend.

The idea of ‘Current User is Current User’ is to just get a value that is returned as yes.

This is because when you use the :formatted as text it gives an option for when value is yes or no

It is inside of the Yes box that you would select the ‘Rich Text Editor’ to construct your designed text

Hey there! Thanks for the help, but my problem is in the list. I can’t display my list of lines.

In the receipt has the quantity and the product. 2 different cells in my database.

When I design my text there, it still have problems with this list.

I have to get all these informations and transform into a text.

My problem is how to display 2 or more lines in this text.

There is usually an option with lists to say :join with that would allow you to possibly to add a line space, however, it seems like it is not available in the formatted as text inputs for some reason

Yes! that’s the problem!
I’m thinking in create a new line text, add via custom state and display with joinwith.

It make sense?

Captura de Tela 2020-12-17 às 03.46.54

When I try different things like “mergedwith” it don’t get as well

Captura de Tela 2020-12-17 às 03.50.13

My line has this structure:

quantity = list of numbers
products = list of products

I have to construct a dynamic text with these two columns followed by “line_break”
quantityList X productNameList JOINWITH"line_break"

It helps to understand?