Line break in Multiline Input or text

Im trying to concatenate two text strings with a line break between for display in multiline input or rich text.

See screenshot. Where I have typed ‘line_break’ is where is want the line break:

Hm, would you be ok with saving those two values to 2 different fields and creating the line break on display?

No because I want to concatenate many times potentially. ie add and new idea to bottom of text many times

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How about making that field value a list instead of a single text and each idea is a new list item? A display in a multi line or rich would contain commas to help distinguish each item. You would also have the flexibility of displaying the list in a repeating group if you ever need to work with each item separately.

Edit: just realized you wouldn’t able to add to that list from a multi line or rich text. Only a workflow could modify the value. Hmm will keep thinking on a workaround…

Thanks but there must be line feed\carriage return code.

there are still limitations on the line breaks. see previous post

I use as a workaround a condition alwayse true, followed by :formatted as text, so you can access a multiline input :


I was just going to post a question in this. There should be a line return or line feed.

Thanks Nicolas!
I had no idea what you meant until I tried it and it worked. Thanks again.

I saw on another forum thread that you could display a list of items. Then, manually type in a javascript code to the end of the dynamic data selection string which will tell this display to ‘separate by comma’. The basic idea is that every time the display hits a comma as @romanmg mentioned above, it will will return the next item to a new line instead of adding a comma.

I actually had this working on one of my work flows so that I could send invoices via email. However, this seems to have disappeared in my app for some reason, so I am searching the forum to find the post that describes this method again. Will edit with a link when I find it.

Ok, here it is!

Here is how you do what the OP was requesting:
do a search for a list of items, be sure to include the field you are searching.
once you have that set, select ‘join with’ then manually type in “line_break”. Do not include the quotation marks, just type in the line_break after selecting join with. This is how the dynamic data should look:

I created an invoice in my app. The image below shows what the itemization list looks like without the join with “line_break” function:

Here is what the SAME itemization list looks like WITH the join with “line_break” function:


Is there a way to get two line_breaks to separate paragraphs?


I have the same question…

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I solved this by adding an invisible multiline input with line-feed in it as the Initial Content. Then I use the value of that field where ever I want to concatenate a line feed.

Not sure if this is what you where looking for. Perhaps not because it’s too simple. Let me know if it helps. Rick

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Very helpful - a question if I may: in your order itemisation, is the entire line item a single piece of text or concatenated from multiple fields? I am having difficulty implementing this with multiple fields. For instance

Appointment time’s value Appointment Title’s Value join with line_break returns

12:30, 15:30, 16:00 Haircut

Am I doing something wrong?

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excellent !

3 years later I was looking for a similar solution and I run into this which I thought was a little clever, then I realize I wrote it! :grinning:

But not what I specifically need right now.


Excellent solution !

This does work. Thanks!

Would love if Bubble would provide a less hacky way to achieve this though.

@mente12 how would you create a numbered list for every item in the multiline input? and indented sub lists such as?:
Thank you in advance :wink: -jenny

I just discovered another way to do this.

You can “join with arbitrary text” and the arbitrary text can just be a return character.

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