Creating a link inside the text area for radio buttons

I could be missing something simple, but I cant seem to find the right syntax to create a link as part of the text that describes a radio button option.

Some variations I have used:

Test [a href=“”]Link[/a]
Test Link
Test Link
Test Link

The last one is proper html format I believe. It will create a link that works, but will also append text behind the link in the radio option. (see pic). Am I missing something?

Interestingly, the formats I used have created links in the forum rich text editor, but not on the entry field for radio buttons, which is not a rich text editor.

The pic shows the corresponding text I was using as entries. The last is the same as the first one but using the “<” and “>” brackets like typical html entries. Its the only one that generated a link, but the "id=“text” I cant make sense of.

checkbox or radio buttons do not allow rich text formatting :disappointed:

Yeah, not sure it would make sense. But if it’s really needed, you can build you own radio button with some texts + checkboxes and that would do it, since you can do anything then.

Checkboxes don’t allow for rich text editing either though. Will you add this feature at some point? Would be extremely useful for an ‘accept to terms of service’ checkbox with ‘terms of service’ being a link.


+1 this is my need too

how can we have a link within a text that opens a popup?