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[solved] Possible to make dynamic data an html link within email?

I’m trying to create a user email that will embed a link to a PDF with a single word.

Here’s what the code looks likes.

Here’s the email

I’d like to make it so if someone clicks on “AirAdvice” that would be a hyper link that would go to the PDF.

Is it possible to do this?

Hi Topher,

I’m new to this, so please take this with a grain of salt, but have you tried:

[li]<a href="http:Search for Call's Equipment Needed New:Item #1's Product PDF">Search for Call's Equipment Needed NEW's Product Name :Item #1</a>[/li]

I’m not sure what the syntax is to create a link, but based on your screenshot of the email, it seems like something similar to this should work.

I tried to use ahref link within the rich text editor. I can try it again though.

Tried to add an html link within the rich text editor.

It gave me an error.

I tried to code the html too. Didn’t work.

Here’s the email:

This must be possible, any other ideas :wink:

Maybe try all the syntax this person did in this thread:

I still think we’re on the right track. If you can build an ordered list in that field, I assume you can also create a link with the right syntax.

Thanks for the help.

I only see one unique type of syntax here. Am I missing something?

He tries out 4 different ways to create a link here:

My guess would be it’s the first or second.

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Okay. I might be as simple as using “[ ]” instead of “< >”

I’ll try it right now.

ok option two worked! you have to use the [url] tag.

Thanks for your help! My project is due tomorrow at 9am, so this is great help :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Good to know too.

In case it helps other users in future, Bubble uses BBCode markdown in rich text, so HTML won’t work but BBCode syntax will:


Thanks @daniel3. Only been programming intensely for 2 weeks, so it’s the little things that get my sometimes. This is very useful.

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