Creating a list of activities and sending that data to the next page via parameters

I’m having trouble sending a list of things within a repeating group to the next page, via parameters.

App Background: I’m creating a list of activities for a group travel trip. That list has four variables: activity name, activity start time, activity end time, and destination (location).

I was able to create this list with the following input form on my page:

But I’m having trouble sending that data to the next page, which is the “group trip home page”. I was able to send all of the other data on the input for so far, but the repeating group data I haven’t had any luck.

Here’s the workflow so far:
1.) When “create group page” button is clicked, step on is below:

2.) Step two in that button workflow encompasses the repeating group I’m having trouble sending data for:

Here’s the send parameters to the next page workflow for reference:

Again, I’ve been able to send the other data to page via parameters, but haven’t had any luck with the activity list. Here’s the repeating group workflow in the destination page for reference:

Any help is much appreciated here! I used “path segments as list” since the repeating group is formatted as a ‘list’ of trip activities.

ideally you create a new datatype called carrier
each carrier has a list of things.
so e.g. you create 1 thing in step 1, another in step 2, and in step 3 add both 1) and 2) to the carriers list of things.
then just send on the carrier and access that on the next page.
i happen to have created a video for someone wishing to pass a list of texts to another page. just decided to make it public. watch the second half, it is similar but with list of texts instead of list of things.

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I take it that your travel group is the parent of the trip activities, you could connect them (does not look like you have) then send the the travel Group to the next page.

Then in the RPG you can search tripActivities where the travelGroup = url travelGroup

Ok interesting solutions. I’ll try the first then if that doesn’t work I will try the parent/child method next. Thank you both!

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Question for you @pattokane
How would you go about setting travel group as the parent of another group, in this case trip activities?


Can you send me a screen shot of the travelGroups data fields and the tripActivities?

Yep - I consolidated travel group into “trip - main” but same concept regardless

It looks like you already have them setup.

Or in your “Trip - Activities” you might need to add “parentTrip” that is a Trip - Main"

So in your RPG you should be able to search “Trip - Activities” then add a constraint where “Trip - main = get page URL Trip - Main”

Does that make sense?

Here is a similar thing setup with a messageChat that I built in an app.

So in your “tripActivities” add a new filed called “parentTrip” that is a "Trip - Main’

When creating Trip - Activities you will have to connent the parentTrip to the Trip - Main (where ever that is)

Then in the RPG you can search “Trip - Activities” where “parentTrip = get page URL Trip - Main”

Yep I see what you’re saying but since I’m using URL parameters, I believe the page doesn’t have a “data source” and so you use the parameters instead? So I can’t finish the logic in step one because of this? I don’t know, slightly confused on it tbh.

Screenshot below; it’s a common issue I’ve been running into where I can’t finish a “get x from page URL” logic statement

Are you able to set the page connect to Trip - Main


Also, how are you sending the URL?

I’m sending the URL via URL parameters

Are you sending it as a text or as a Trip - Main?

Ok I just had a brain blast. I think this is just like a join, and if I go your route then I can send the data under “trip - main” vs. trying to send via parameters. I’m gonna try this. Thank you.

Sorry this took me so long to do a video for you mate, been crazy busy at work.

Here is a video of how you have it set up and to make it work.

I think you might find it work better having the “create Trip main” on a different page and creating that first, then coming to this page and creating the “trip activities” and adding them to the trip main.

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