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Creating a "list of things"?

Let’s say I have a thing named “orders”, and I want to use the data to create a new thing, on a different table called “fulfilled”.

I want a workflow to create a new thing in fulfilled (along with a number of fields it would copy).

So far I’ve managed to create one thing, It was simple. I create a workflow that takes the first item from 'orders", creates a new thing in “fulfilled” and added the fields, I wanted.

How do I get the workflow to work on every item in orders though until it’s completed all of them?

Use api workflow which is only available on a paid plan. There is no other way. The api workflow will pick up each item until the list is empty.

If possible with regards to your datamodel you can perhaps make your order items a list of ID’s of a single order. That what you can make a new thing (new order) in which you have a field order items (which is a list of order item ID’s)

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