Creating a List with duplicate entries

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I am having 8 separate inputs in my app. They look like below:
Zrzut ekranu 2020-05-24 o 21.44.29
(example data filled)

I need to create a list basing on those inputs. For the above inputs, the desired list shoud look like below:


  • As you can observe, the GHA and DEF entries are saved double into the list, as input by user
  • There is also empty list item between DEF and POD entries, as input by user

I’m now using the :plus item function. While it does add an empty item to the list (that’s perfect), it also merges the duplicate entries (which is unwanted). The result is:


As a result the list has 6 entries instead of 8 and is incomplete. How can I do it the other way to make sure that the duplicates aren’t removed and the list contains all 8 input texts?

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Support in this case would be very welcome, as this is pretty much a blocker for my app development. :frowning:

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Hey there,

For some reason Bubble doesn’t allow duplicates of text. I have tested it myself and see the same thing. @eve is this a bug or is this intended?

Also, instead of using text you can save each piece of text as a new data type “input”. Each piece of data would have a unique ID which would allow you to save duplicates. Then you can attach it as a list of “inputs” instead of a list of text.

Want to learn more?


Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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