Duplicate set of inputs

Hey guys!
I’m facing a problem where I can’t seem to find a way that gives the user an option to add a new set of inputs when clicking a button.

See in this image, when the user clicks the + button, I want the same exact two inputs to be duplicated just below it. and the user can create it as many times as he wishes.

I don’t want to save and reset the field when clicked and make a repeating group to show the user what they added. I want it as I stated it so it would look better and more organized.

Any help?

you can use this template (copy and paste) and set the initial content of the inputs as you want

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See in this template it creates a new thing and the first inputs are turned into texts

I want everything to stay the same without creating any new entry and everything will stay as input elements. Just adds a new group beneath the last group with the same input forms.

Just replace the text elements in the repeating group with input elements

But it will still create the entry, I don’t want to create the entry yet that’s the problem.

Can I ask why you don’t want to create an entry?

I want the inputs just for showing so they can edit it anytime and when they click on save the entry is created

According to my limited knowledge, this is impossible. What you can do is create the entry when the add is clicked and it is modified when the save button is clicked.

Yeah that will do.
Thanks for your time!

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hey, check this thread. It may help. Automatically fill in of an input from another input

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