I'd like to save duplicates from my list in the DB but Bubble is eliminating them


I am calling an API to GET list data. I’m saving said list in DB.

Set everything up just fine. If a list has 200 unique items and all items are different, I get 200 items in the DB.

However, if there are 200 items, only 3 of which are different from each other (i.e. a list of 200 items that are categorized as ‘1st’ or ‘2nd’ or ‘3rd’ (as in 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 1st… etc.) )… I get only THREE items in the DB. One “1st”, one “2nd”, and one “3rd”.

But I need all 200 “1st”'s, “2nd”'s, and “3rd”'s.

How do I prevent Bubble from storing only one of each?


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I’ve solved this for now by not storing the items as a list but as individual items. But this isn’t a solution to the above question - it’s an alternative method. So, am still interested in knowing how to get Bubble to save duplicate items onto lists into the DB.

Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour (where lists, API-related or not, don’t show duplicates e.g. not just in DBs but also in RG’s etc.)?



same problem here, anybody has a fix? its a make or break

Yeah, unfortunately, this is a dealbreaker for me. Bubble for me seems to be about let’s create apps without needing to learn javascript. If I’m going to have to do some weird workaround for that it doesn’t work for my applications, unfortunately.

I really wouldn’t rely on something written 4 years ago to determine if it is weird or not :slight_smile:

The API connector has changed regularly since this was written.

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