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Creating a List

So here is the concept:

I want the user first enter in a list- lets call it “Grocery List” via a input with a submit button.

After they enter in the name, the repeating group displays their results.

then the user clicks on the “grocery list” in the repeating group and it opens another screen where the user can add additional “items” under this “grocery list” that leverages another repeatable group.

So there could be multiple “list” ( e.g Grocery list, shopping list) that a user can make, along with multiple items under each list ( e.g sugar, ice, flour, cereal)

I’ve successfully created the first repeatable group, but I can’t figure out how to add a sublist under the main “Grocery List”. Is this possible?

Yes it is. I’m on my mobile. I’ll post the how to tomorrow

Hello Raymond,
Would you have time this week to post your example of how you created lists within a list?

@brentparker76 my apologies. I forgot to tag you in this post. Is this what you were looking to do?