Current cell is adding a list instead of a single item

When adding a grocery list item and trying to display the list as:

  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Eggs

It’s instead displaying as:

  • Bread, Milk, Eggs
  • Bread, Milk, Eggs
  • Bread, Milk, Eggs

What is the source of your repeating group? When you click Add Item, where is the item being saved? In a single list field? If so, the repeating group type should = text, and the source should be the list field. But maybe share more details if your setup is different.

Thanks for the reply, I sent this too soon. I figured that part out.

The hard part that I’m trying to figure out is sending an invite to someone (either currently registered or not) and allowing the to see the grocery list already created.

Would like the invited users to not only see the Grocery List, but also able to add and delete items in the grocery list. Seen some similar examples your provided via previous questions but can’t figure it out.

Any thoughts? App link here:

If your element pulls in dynamic data that is a List of… field type, you’ll get exactly that: a comma-separated list of all items in that field.

I’m guessing you have a Data Type: Grocery List with a Field: Grocery Items [List of Things]. You’ll find lots of posts discussing data structure best practices, and there are several ways to achieve what you’re after, but here’s one option:

  1. Make “Grocery Item” an independent data type, with a custom field: “Grocery List” of Type: Grocery List. When user adds Banana, use a workflow to Create a Thing–>Grocery Item–>set field “Grocery List” to “Pannell Grocery List”. Repeat by creating another “Grocery Item” for Bread, referencing the Pannell Grocery List.

  2. Use a Repeating Group element to display each item in the list on its own row. Make the RG content type “Grocery Item”, and in the data source Do a Search For–>Grocery Items with a constraint on the “Grocery List” field that returns the list you want to display (eg Pannell Grocery List).

I’ve a table of bookings like this:

I wanna display each row in the cells of a repeating group, so that I will have :

  • Feb 6,2018 7:00 pm to Feb 6,2018 9:00 pm with Piano B → i.e taking data form the second row in the screenshot above

  • Feb 17, 2018 7:30 pm to Feb 17, 2018 9:30 pm with Piano B → i.e taking data from the third row in the screenshot above

  • and so on

Instead it displays the full data in each cell of the repeating group, like this:

I think I’m missing something really basic. May you help me? Thanks a lot!!

How do you have your Data Source structured?

Thanks for your help!
Maybe I’ve solved it. The Data Source of the repating group is “Search for Prenotaziones”.
Inside each cell, now the text content is “Current cell’s prenotazione’s data inizio”, and it seems to work.
Is this the right approach?

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Yep! That’s what I was gonna suggest

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