Creating a Live audience chat Like FB, Youtube, Tiktok

Hello there,

I joined Bubble today and I was looking for some help/advice/info.

I wanted to ask if there would be a way to create a Live group chat on bubble like we see for example on Tiktok or FB or Youtube Live when someone is broadcasting and other people can message(People who have already logged in and are within the database).

I am not sure what would be the best route to tackle this but any and all information on this topic would be much appreciated.


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My first and obvious thought that came to me was a repeating group showing entries from a database of messages saved as the users type them in. Not the greatest solution but maybe for your initial testing it would work?

User types message in an input and presses send. Workflow creates a new ‘message’ in the database with the message, user, timestamp etc. then a repeating group on the page will show the latest messages. maybe scale it to like past 5 mins chat incase things get a little crazy. You can also throw in some anti-spam blocking rules. Sounds do-able but im pretty sure theres a much better optimized way…

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I love the way you thought of it. Repeating groups would be an interesting approach. I would also love to hear what other developers have in mind. This should be quite an interesting topic.

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I’m definitely curious to see what comes about. The repeating group idea sounds good to me. If there are other more optimal ways I don’t know them right now. I’m a noob. But I’d love to create one for an app I’m working on. Following as well!

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