Creating a login that the public cant see

Hello all, Im back with another Question and I’ll try to explain as best as I can.

Si I am building an app with just a Blog, FAQ and Contact us (to start),once that is up I will be adding a shop and community with sign up and login features . relatively simple.

But for that start it will be a Read Only APP, what I mean is the blogs and shop postings will be added by Admin only and not the public. I would like to create a Signup/login method that the public cant see. Is that possible?
Then I would create a “Create” page that is only visible for the admin users to be able to create and edit the content and products. These would then be visible o the “public/ Landing page”.

I have created a data type {Field name “Admin”} and selected {Field Type “Yes/no”}. The Default is set to NO.

Am I overcomplicating this? Should I just set the admin users manually in the backend USERS DATA section and be done with it at least until the public sign up and login sections are ready?

The last thing I am thinking is to have the Landing page with a floating group on the side with a category Navigation menu (blog, shop, faq, etc), This would take the user to collapsed hidden groups on the same page so they can only see one category at a time with " large Thumbnail style images, Title and brief description" then they can click on whichever item or content piece they like and be taken to a page dedicated to that thing.

Am I on the right track or am i making this too complicated? but my main Question id about the Login for Admin users and not showing those editing and creating pages to the public.

Thanks in advance .


You should have a user system no matter what. However, you can disable sign ups after the admins are in the system, which is totally fine. Either simply delete the sign up page or remove the sign up workflow.

But admins will still need a login page in any case to manage the pages/content etc. Login should be open to public, not necessarily accessible through main page.

And finally, blogs/articles/faqs will be same pages for everyone, except that if the user role is admin, you will make some of the buttons visible. Maybe edit button which will take the admin to edit article page. I would still check on page load of this page, if the user type is admin or not.

Thanks very much Hergin, That makes sense. I’ll move forward with that.