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Creating a new thing that contains a field a list of dates based on the previous item

So, I have a thing with a field that contains a list of dates, like this one:

I’m trying to create a workflow (backend or frontend, either would work) where I create a new thing that has the same list, however, every date in the list should have added 7 days.

Is there a way to do this without having to create a workflow for each item on the list?

You could try a backend workflow that took a parameter of “start date” and created Things that were this “start date” plus whatever time offset makes sense. This way you’d only need one workflow that was a “factory” for creating these sets of Dates Things.

make sense?

I don’t think you are suggesting this but if you were really funky you could create a loop to append to a list these 8 dates adding the 2 hour offset on each loop … but what a lot of faff for 8 things :slight_smile:

@lindsay_knowcode Thanks! I don’t know where to start.

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