Create new Thing only if Thing type has not been created by User in 7 days

How would I set up a workflow to create new Thing only if Thing type has not been created by Current User in the last 7 days?

I cannot figure out the correct workflow. Would it look something like: Do a search for Thing | Date = current date/time - 7days | created by <> current user?

My issue is in Current date/time - 7 days. How do I actually do that? I know how to do +(days) but not negative.

EDIT: Would Current date/time +(days) -7 work?

Thanks y’all.

current date/time: +(days): -7

This became painfully obvious after I submitted LOL. Would this still work to check if any record within the past 7 days was created by User?

You’ll need to use ‘>’ i.e. creation date > current date/time: +(days): -7 rather than ‘is’ to check for records created within the last 7 days, and then use ‘count’ to determine if there are any.

Also, depending on whether you literally want to check the last 7 days from the current date/time, (i.e. if the current time is 7pm, then the above expression will show records created since 7pm 7 days ago), or you want to start the search from midnight on the 7th day back, you may need to use ‘rounded to day’ or change hours, seconds, and minutes to zero.


Thank you so much! I’ve got it working 100% thanks to your help!

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