Question - Creating users only in the backend?

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Fairly new to Bubble! In my app I want to have users that only are created by me. So no “signup” button, just a “login” to the portal, as it is a B2B product I want you to only be given an account when I send the customer a link to set a password or something? So basically, no one can just go onto the website and create a user, just when I do it on the backend.

Appreciate being pointed in the right direction of how to go about this!

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Use the ‘Create An Account For Someone Else’ action for this.

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Thanks for your reply!

To actually action the new user creation, do I need to set up like an “admin” page that has a button or something that will trigger the workflow? Or can this be done on bubbles backend?

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Hello Sam! I have a similar method in one of my apps. My solution involves creating a separate page, such as an admin portal, where you would have a form field with the user’s name, email, and other necessary information. By clicking the “add user” button, a workflow would be triggered to create a user, generate a temporary password, and send an email to the user with a link to the login page and their temporary password. Upon the user’s first login, I would check if they have been onboarded with a yes/no field and show them a popup to change their temporary password to a personal one. After the user has changed their password, I would change their onboarded status to “yes”. I hope this solution helps.

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Hi Artem,

Thanks for the message, that really helps. I will give that a go and see how I get on.

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