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Im moving over from wordpress and i was using a plugin called Formidable forms. They have a feature where you can setup repeating sections in a form. for example: The user types in a Name and email and can press the little add button next to it to create another ‘entry’.

How can i do this in bubble? i need the user to be able to list multiple names and corresponding emails in a form. any ideas? will also need to save these to the DB and reference them later on but for now i just want to get this working…

This video by @vlad covers the concept, but from a slightly different angle. Bubble Hack: How to create a tile repeating group with an option to add a new item

As well, this thread expands on things nicely. [Challenge] - Create a new Repeating group row without database

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

thank you for the info and links. I got the RG to work with adding new items etc using a list of numbers in the page plugin. but i also need to have these items saved into a thing. Is this possible? I was thinking of making a work around with having hidden text boxes but is there a ‘cleaner’ way of doing this?


bumping this up. maybe someone can chime in?


@joseph.farinhas - perhaps you could expand a bit on what it is you are trying to do.

Is it that you are trying to have two or three “sets” of the “Person Requesting / Email Address” form group appear on page load?

Hello Again Dan,

What i am looking to do is have a ‘Thing’ for each company, such as Mycompany LLC and have multiple points of contact listed such as John Smith, Dan Theman, Billy Bob. each with their email address. And the user can then add/remove as many employees they need to. Ideally this would be saved into one DB because i will be looking for this info for another part of my project on a form.

It sounds like you’re looking to learn more about how to set up a relational database and reference saved data. I tend to mention my grocery list app tutorial pretty frequently since it’s a good way of introducing the basic constructs.

Hey dan, this is sort of what im going for. Heres an example of what i need

The idea is then to have the input fields saved in a thing as a list. so multiple phone numbers stored in one type separated with commas. Does that make sense?


If you share a working model of what you’ve developed (ie. link to your editor) / where you are stuck, that would help. Otherwise, that should be covered within the links I shared.

The other concept you may want to explore is how to create temporary lists using states. There should be some good posts on the forum that cover that.

Hey Dan, i believe i figured it out, i had to use two different datatypes for this to work the way that i wanted it to. I have one data type only storing the Company name (which will never have duplicates) and another data type storing the names and email addresses. When a new name/email is saved, it automatically collects the company name. and displays them in the repeating group. hope that makes sense.

Anyways thanks for the help but i couldnt get it to work with only one data type.

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