Add/edit/delete Inputs inside a Repeating Group?

Hi Bubblers!

Im new to Bubble and have been trying to figure this out and went on YouTube to try and find a tutorials on this, but with no luck.

I have a popup form which allows the user to add rows. Each row allows the user to select a social platform from a custom dropdown and an input to enter their username’s. (Up to 6 rows max)
The newly generated rows should also allow the user to delete the row as well.

Example of design…

So far I have the parent row which has been copied inside the first cell of the repeating group but am not sure where to go next.

Example in bubble…

Any help would be appreciated!

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I did something similar using the orchestra plugin. Try that.

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The Orchestra plugin seems overkill/not needed for this.

You have two ways to do it: Have a fields like Platform1, Platform2… Username1, Username2… store them all under the user. With buttons to show/hide the groups. The benefit to this is it’s easy to search by a user’s social if you needed to in the future.

Or make a new data type called “Social” and have a field for the Platform and a field for the Username, then under the user store a list of “Socials” and just have a repeating group showing the User’s Socials. With logic to create a new “Social” when you click the “Add another” button.

Thanks for this @tylerboodman , I’ll try these approaches and get back to you.

Thanks for this, yeah having looked at the plugin its a little bit too much functionality for what Im needing right now. But much appreciated though @jeffrey.j.obrien

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