Creating a Schedule


I am trying to build a scheduling function in my bubble app which will enable me to allocate time slots for tasks that need to be completed in a day. I have watched a few tutorials for related topics and tried to fill in the gaps myself which has worked for other areas but its not clicking for this one.

I essentially need a series of times, listed from 00:00 to 23:59 and options to have the user view increments be 30min, 60min and 90min (ie, 00:00-00:30-01:00 / 00:00-01:00/00:00-01:30-03:00) and for the tasks to have a duration already preset and be able to be placed anywhere on the schedule. At the moment all I have is a repeating group which displays an option set (titled by the preset time increment view - currently 30min) listed in order from midnight to 23:30 however with this it seems not the right way to have my tasks display in the desired way if at all.

It gets more complex that that however if anyone can provide guidance on how to achieve this then it would set me up to continue pretty well. Apologies in advance if that was explained sporadically.


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