Creating a team

Hi, I am currently attempting a create a sport app which allows people to participate in sport. Here is one of the problems which I am currently facing:

As a user, I want to be able to limit of the number of players for each team (example: 7 a side) which I am able to select from a dropdown. After I have created a game. I want to display the number of players on my game page which other users are able to join the game if there are open spots (in this case 7 a side which will have 2 row of 7 players on the game page). Any ideas how I might be able to execute such idea? Your help is very much appreciated!

Thank you!

From a database perspective, You need to create two datatypes, teams and players. Link teams to players.

team name, team ID (unique ID)

name, team (foreign key), player ID (unique ID), position.

This is the database structure. Rest will be achieved through front-end manipulation and conditions.

I have recently built a similar competition app. If you need any further help lemme know.

Hi Nobi,

It would be great if you could help with my app development. So currently I have created a dropdown which allows users to pick how many players they wish to have for each team. After a game is created, which theoretically will take the game creator to the game page where I want to create a repeating group of 2 rows (example: 6 blue tee vs 6 red tee) of open spots which allows the game creator to add players to his game.

One of the problems I am facing right now is construction of a workflow where once a dropdown choice is chosen (example: 6 a side), a display of 2 rows of 6 open spots will be shown at the game page.

Hope my explanation is not too confusing.

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