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Creating a Userform that works with Google Sheets - Please Help

Hello all,

I am a new user and I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up a data collection form on here that can be saved to a google sheet. The form will be used on mostly mobile phones and I simply need it to take the user input and save it to a new row on the google sheet.

I know it probably sounds really simple and I can create the userform on bubble, but I don’t want to save the data on bubble. I want it to be saved to my sheet. I’ve seen a few posts and videos about using something called blockspring.

Any help anyone could provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @craig.stritar,

Yep, you have a few ways to do this:

  1. Install the Blockspring plugin (go to Plugin tab in your editor and add). This will require a Blockspring account. Once you’ve added the plugin to your app, you can add different “blocks” that give you access to various actions and data from whatever services Blockspring supports, including Google Sheets. (Easiest)

  2. Use Zapier, which will also require an account with the service. Install the the Zapier plugin so that you can trigger the Google Sheet zap you’ve set up in Zapier. (Not too hard, but a little more setup)

  3. Create a custom integration with Google’s Sheet API with the API Connector plugin. This will require an OAuth authentication method and understanding the necessary endpoints for the calls needed. Sounds like you really only need a single call to append or create a new row, but the authentication can get tricky if you haven’t worked with this stuff yet. (Advanced)

All of the above will achieve what you’re looking for. Depending on how custom you want it, they’ll each provide different options. Blockspring is $10/month (I think), Zapier has a few different plans including free, and a custom integration would be free for you since you’re connecting directly to the authorized Google account.

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Thank you for such a quick reply! I’m trying to keep this as budget as possible, so I think it sounds like Zapier is the way to go for me. You’re correct, the only thing I need to do is create new rows each time the data is submitted from the form. Would you happen to know if multiple people are allowed to use and submit data through the form to the google sheet using the Zapier method? Thanks again!

Hey Craig,

I can’t confirm, but I imagine if you’re authorizing the Google Account on Zapier’s end (your Zapier account), then anyone who triggers it in your app should do it successfully. Give it a test? Zapier has a free plan. Try it out and log in as different users in your Bubble app. I’m fairly certain this workflow doesn’t require a second authorization when triggering the zap.

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Thank you very much Gaby,

I’m experimenting with creating all the necessary info in the user from right now. Though creating the zap interface with bubble may prove a little tricky for me. I’ll keep working on it. Hopefully if I run into any issues I can find some help for it. Thanks for everything! You get me started.

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You will need to set up the sheet with headings and some values first.

There is a bit of to-in and fro-ing between Zapier and Bubble, but you should be able to work it out. You need to Grab the Webhook from Zapier, and then pop it into the Bubble Plugin.

Then pull through the Bubble Fields into the Sheet.

The only slightly tricky bit is making sure you can get the test values through, so be prepared to hit your “Save” button in Bubble a few times whilst Zapier is doing its test thing.

p.s. Zapier is super awesome. I use it all over the place.


Thank you very much for showing me everything in picture form. It really does help. I’m sure I’ll have questions along the way, but you guys have been awesome!