Creating A Workflow for Dropdown Menu


I am stuck! How do I start a workflow for the options in the drop down menu I created? I have a few drop down menus and within the drop down menu, there are options that the user can select from to eventually create a list of providers that fit the selected criteria.

I am also confused by the difference between a static option and a dynamic option (there isn’t any info on their definitions; this is within the drop down menu).

Any help or direction would be appreciated!



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There is an event that is triggered when an element’s value changes. Static is a list of options you enter when setting up the drop-down, dynamic looks up the values at run time like a search or am external api.

Thanks so much!!

Makes more sense now.

I would like to create a workflow from the options listed in the drop down menu, but can’t seem to figure that out.

Do you know how to do this or can you point me in the right direction?

I think I’m leaning more toward the dynamic option, so that when the choice is selected by the user, the app can search for and deduce from the selected criteria a list of providers that the client will want to work with.

Thank you

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