Drop down as a workflow variable

Hello Bubblers🙃,

Wondering is it possible to pass a drop down as a variable in a work flow. Let’s say the drop down has 3 options.


If the user picks option A) , the text of ABC gets set as a dynamic input in a workflow. Similarly, if a user chooses option B), the text of BAC will be set a dynamic input in a workflow and so on.

Thank in advance and look forward to any help

in the workflow use dynamic expression and reference the dropdown value

Good morning Boston,

Thanks for the reply. That is fairly straightforward, and I don’t think I posted the issue correctly in order to paint the whole picture.

If a user selects option A) , I would like to pull a 100 word variable and pass that into a work flow.


Customer chooses option A) from drop down → within the work flow a field, a dynamic input would be populated with a 100 word phase (this dynamic input changes based on the dropdown choice) → Workflow continues with variable set.

Keep in mind the drop down simply has a placeholder of A),B) & C) .

I don’t know what is the use case here but lemme put something. Create a workflow with a condition, when the dropdown value is not empty. Put conditions to evaluate the value of the dropdown and then based on that fetch your 100-character string from the option set, save it in the database, or do whatever you like.

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