Creating accounts with multiple users in them and billing for 1 account

I am trying to create a subscription that would apply to multiple users. It seems like bubble is built for having each individual user have a subscription of their own and not really support this kind of action easily.

I was hoping to be able to basically have it set so that the subscription could update a field on the company then when users logged in it would search to see if their company was paid or not then log them in or send them to a page saying the account wasn’t active.

Any ideas for a way around this?
Am I on the right track?

I am using the stripe plugin.

I have found a few tutorials but they have all been for single payments.

What if it do some kind of a search to see if any active users had subscriptions when logging in and if 1 of the users did then they would all have access?

In retrospect I probably should have figured this out sooner in the process of building out the account and user structure.

Any thoughts or do you know of any resources on this?

I have this same question. I’d like to bill the company and not necessarily the user of the company.

You can create a payment status field on the company and have the user and company record linked. Then you can do a look up like current user’s company’s payment completed is “yes”