How to create a workflow to charge the monthly of application users

Hello guys! I am a beginner in the world of programming without code and would like your help with the following doubts:
Once my application is ready, how do I create a workflow to charge the customer for using the application and if he doesn’t pay, block his access? I thank you for your help!

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I do that in my eLearning Hub on It’s not too complicated.

You first sign the user up with a subscription. I’m using Stripe.

Second, you check that their subscription is “active” before you let them in the page, also I create an extra layer of security and don’t let them see anything on the page unless their subscription is “active” as well. I just put everything in a group and only show it when their subscription is “active.” I also kick them out right away when it’s not “active.”

Once the user is subscribed, with the Bubble Stripe plugin at least, you can say —> Current User’s Stripe Subscription is “active” do this or that.

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Thanks very much!!!

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No problem! :blush: