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Just wanted to ask for some help about creating an account for another user within the admin panel of my app. I recently started work on developing an interface where admin staff could add new accounts to the app, however, i cant get it to work even with the create an account for some else workflow. I’ve started looking through all of the other threads about this but i have got lost. Can anyone provide me with basic step by step instructions on how to fix this? I know i have to let them sort their own password but i cant seem to use the set temporary password function correctly. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Hi, :wave:t2:

Can you share some pictures of your workflows?

After setting the step “create an account for somene else”,
do you added next a step “Assign a temp password to a user” ?

You can also add an email action to send to the new user this temp password, using the result of the previous step.

Send email

TO: result of previous step’s email


Hi, your temp credentials are:

User: result of previous step’s email

Pwd: result of previous step’s (select the step that created the temp password that is a text)

If you send me a screenshot or describe more where is exactly your problem I can help you more.



HI Juan,

I already incorporated some of your steps into the workflow, however, when the user enters the password that has been assigned to their email, the app logs them in but they do not move from the index page to the homepage, it loads and then stays on the same page. Ive attached an image of what the workflow already looks like.

Hi, what do you have here in this section:

Maybe you’re redirecting them because these new users haven’t changed their passwords.

So, you can create a page where they can create their own password, and in the save button set a worfklow like this: update user’s credentials and then send the user to the desired page. (also you can set up more properties like the password confirmation and other actions in the workflow)


Or, if it’s not important that the users have their own created password, you can leave this option in blank (the red underlined in the first picture).




Hi Juan,

Thanks very much for your help, and as well as following your steps i also found the source of the problem and have fixed it. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome :smiley:

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