Creating an element outside canvas

Hey guys,

I’m creating a plugin for an input called “Emojionearea” ( GitHub - mervick/emojionearea: Emoji Picker Plugin for jQuery ).

The thing is, when i click the “picker” button to open an Emoji Picker Box, it cuts off the element on the outer canvas limit:

Here’s the code:

So I need to make sure the Emoji Picker Box opens up off-canvas.
Is there a way to accomplish that?

I have tried to debug some plugins like Air Color Picker to try and find out how it works, but I haven’t found out.


Renato Asse

Can you get the dimensions of the Emojione Area and set the plug-in element’s dimensions accordingly? The instance object has a setHeight() method.

Are you aware of this? I just learned of it…


No, I wasn’t aware.
Thank you very much for letting us know, @sudsy!

Problem solved :grinning:

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