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ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ 🐝 Emoji picker | Finally a complete native and customisable emoji picker




Emoji picker for you app

Hi there!
We just release this new plugin to the Bubble marketplace :honeybee: !

→ The most advanced emoji picker for Bubble. Supports native IOS emojis, custom emojis (like Discord), fully customisable picker and highly reliable.

:arrow_right: Add custom images and GIFs!
:arrow_right: Automatically bind to input or retrieve in the element state
:arrow_right: Supports auto, light and dark themes, with the ability to extend them to create your own
:arrow_right: Full support for skin tone variations where applicable
:arrow_right: Supports over 30+ locales
:arrow_right: Emojis are searchable by name or tags
:arrow_right: Remembers recently used emojis
:arrow_right: Fully keyboard accessible
:arrow_right: Emoji data is loaded once from a CDN and cached in the browser for subsequent sessions.
:arrow_right: Auto and custom positioning to the reference element
:arrow_right: Smooth and animated
:arrow_right: Fully customisable categories, categories order and picker tabs

Native emojis.

Add your own emojis.

Support dark theme and more.





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Hi! Actually your demo doesn’t work. No emoji are loaded
When you say

Developped and maintained by Plugbee

Do you mean that the picker doesn’t use any external library? Just something you have created?

Finally, does it work with multiline or Rich text?

Thanks :wink:

Forget my question for the library. I was able to see you are using picmo (that I was also working on a new plugin from this library). It’s a good choice. :+1:

Hi @Jici !

Do you have more details to provide? Feel free to send a DM.
It was tested on 5+ devices and browser before release and it works all fine on our end :thinking:

Sorry for the competition :sweat_smile: It indeed seemed like the most complete one. Lots of new emoji picker plugins recently with also the one from @weswas

Finally, does it work with multiline or Rich text?

Yes! It does work with Bubble multiline inputs. Not with external rich text plugins though, as they are not propper HTML inputs but textareas. But that’s a good tip, we’ll implement if there’s more demand!

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Everything seem to work fine now :wink:
There’s was an error loading emoji earlier

Sorry for the competition :sweat_smile: It indeed seemed like the most complete one. Lots of new emoji picker plugins recently with also the one from @weswas

No problem! I didn’t get time to fully complete it (mostly to add emoji to rich text was the last part). The good news is that Bubblers will have a nice picker to use now :wink:

Yes indeed I faced myself many times searching for a good emoji picker that was both reliable and that has the native Apple emojis. So this with the custom emojis was really what I wanted!

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@vnihoul77 Using this plugin and love it! I had one question though, I’m trying to add some styling to this element using CSS and having a hard time getting it to work.

.my-picker {
–background-color: #00e350 !important;

This code doesn’t work unfortunately. Any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks for reaching out!

Have you tried the Custom class field? It allows you to add a class name that you already defined and apply it directly to the picker.


Let me know if that works for you! :wink:

It doesn’t work on my end. I would like to change the background to white and perhaps keep the element float to the bottom. Who do I define a class name? I’ve already named it emojipicker on the Element ID.

Could you share a link to your editor and a page where the plugin is integrated?
This way I can better assist you!


Congrats for this plugin, it’s impressive. I don’t usually pay for plugins but this one is a no brainer.

Yet, it’s not 100% perfect :wink: because it doesn’t work in a floating group:

@vnihoul77 any idea on how to fix this ?