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Creating an event schedule

Hi, I’m trying to create something like an event planner. It should look like a typical TV schedule, see picture below.

I tried different things with the repeating group tool, but I couldn’t reach my expectations :slight_smile: what I could build - is a repeating group in a repeating group to display a list of events with different rows for the separate creator of the event.

But I don’t know how to connect these events to the separate dates? Main issue is to connect my “event” database with the current time, to display the events at the right position (between the start and end date)

Under this, I put a simple table to show what I want to create

Hope someone can help me. Thanks for your time.

Best, John

A fullcalendar plugin with “resource timeline view” may be helpful.

With the right kind of conversation, I could probably modify mind to include images (like a RG station symbol)

As it stands my plugin will do what you want easily, minus the station logo.

Hi Jared,

Thanks for your fast answer. I checked your plugin, but I can’t find “resource timeline view”. Could you please tell me where exactly I can find this?


Click preview on this editor. The calendar should load in timeline view.

Just a thumbs up to Jared for his Full Calendar Plugin. Very sophisticated and worth the effort of getting your mind around the many capabilities.
Good luck.

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The calendar has many view types available. I believe I had poorly configured the example I shared earlier.

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