Repeating Group within a Repeating Group for calendar entry


I am attempting to create a month view at a time calendar which shows events on a given day. Currently if I submit events, I can see them all because it was submitted in my own time zone. However, someone in a different time zone will not see it on the same calendar I am looking at.

I know this is a change that I need to make within the constraints of the data source, however I cannot seem to get there… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Have you tried displaying events in a typical calendar?

I have it working I believe in the full calendar plugin but my only problem now is I need to be able to click on a given event to open a popup with event details. I am not sure how to do that in this new calendar.

Something like this maybe? This plugin supports that type of feature.

Here’s the workflow to display a single events info in a group

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