Creating Chat With CometChat

Hi! I’m using CometChat to power chat on my app, and am trying to create users on CometChat when users sign up on my app in accordance with the documentation below. I’m doing this with the API connector, and have it set up as the screenshot below shows. I have created a backend workflow that triggers when a user’s FullName is changed from empty (aka sign-up). It passes the user’s unique id and name to CometChat via the API. My logs show that this is working, as CometChat is returning a Status Response of 200 (Success). But, the user is not appearing on CometChat. Does anyone have any idea why this is? If it helps, I’ve gotten an error when trying to initialize before stating “invalid unique id.” Is there something wrong with its formatting?

In the headers you need
Key : api-key
Value : “your actual api key here”

Body type, you need to select “Form-data”

Then in the parameters, you pass the required fields

Doc here

Hey I’m curious, did you end up going with CometChat GO? or CometChat PRO?

And how did you get started on building the plugin to integrate it?

Hey Alex! AtomChat (Formerly CometChat Go) is a great choice to build a chat on Bubble. Same features, same pricing, same team, just a different name!

@sonakshi.agarwal I have a list of leads with phone numbers in a table and I want to click a button to launch a chat window for each lead individually. All messages will be sent to the leads via SMS and I also want to send an automated welcome text when a new lead is added to the table. Is this possible?

I want the UI to look something like this with the chat windows at the bottom of the screen: