Best Chat APIs/Tools to hook into?

Hey there,

I’m looking at bringing Chat functionality into the app I’m building. I want to offer text, voice, video chat, private messaging etc… I took a look at CometChat but their monthly fees are too much for me at this present time.

Does anyone know of any cheaper alternatives worth looking at that play nice with Bubble?

Many thanks

Hi @marc2 - I created a how-to video on implementing a free peer-to-peer video chat which may be of interest (link below). I also have some videos on creating private messaging functionality but there are so many design nuances with messaging/chat to consider. Below are screenshots of both Messaging and Chat plugins; look at those as they may help you figure out what works for your needs.




Thanks Nikolai

Hi Nikolai, since you posted this, Gruveo updated the embed code to allow additional features. I wonder if you can redo your demo or post an update?

Hi @kenlaji - thanks for reaching out. I did see that Gruveo made an update. Unfortunately they no longer allow the service for free. Let me take a look at creating a new video though using their free demo credentials.

If you’re looking for a free video chat, I did create another video using the “Hello” service. I just tested my demo design and it still works. Here’s the link for that video:

Thank you. They made it immensely complex and next to impossible! I hope you can unpick it…:grinning:

I just got CometChat for a test drive. But I didn’t get very far.

Im on the hobby plan so I pasted the code in a HTML block. I probably can’t see the chat at the bottom because of the bubbble banner. And it’s not possible to place it somewhere else.

I also tried the version you have in a whole page frame. It’s just spinning and nothing happens.

So much for their advertised 3 minutes install. Maybe it was the installation of my Credit card they was referring to…

I took me 1 hour.

I thought I should check out an external chat solution, because I am getting concerned with all the posts about performance. So instead of paying bubble 2000 USD for pore performance it would be acceptable with 49 USD/month…

Got it working in the Hobby plan by manipulating and overriding the CCS for the Chat. They also have video, but I have not enabled it. I think they are using Firebase which is a fast key/value store, perfect for offloading Bubble.


Hi @g111. How did you get on with CometChat? I am also trying to get it running on Bubble, but I can’t see the small version. I don’t suppose you could give me a tip on how / where you edited the CSS code? Very much appreciated! :grinning:

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Hey marc2

There lot of Real Time solution Providers in Global Market,Here i have share top solutions Providers

Mirrorfly - Chat,Video,Voice Solutions Provider (One Time Licence Cost SaaP)
Apphitect - Instant Messaging Solution Provider
Pubnub - Chat,Video,Voice Solutions Provider (Monthly Re curing SaaS)

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@g111 are you embedding it on every page, or each page individually? I’m trying to get it on individual pages.

Whenever you are looking the best chat app, here you can use the best video chatSDK app to use for long purpose. It makes everything cool to consider right solution to build chat app.

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