Creating chat with emojis and links

I’m about to implement a 1to1 chat feature in my app and I’m a bit unsure about how to go about it.
I’m confident about implementing a simple 1to1 chat with simple text but does anyone has best practices about creating a chat feature that includes:

  • Emojis (working both on desktop and mobile web browsers)
  • In-line link recognition

I’d really appreciate some ideas and best practices on that.

Hi @rscestari. Have you finally found a solution?

Hi Ulrich,
Not a perfect one, but here is what you can do.

For emojis:
Emojis work nativelly on mobile devices, so when a user inputs one on their keyboard they will flow through without any problems to your app on Bubble.
For the desktop, I coudn’t find a perfect solution. We just need to teach the user to use Win+. on Windows or Cmd+Ctrl+ Space on the Mac to bring up the OS emojis picker and use them in the app. Emojis will work as text, so, no much problem in Bubble as long as the input from the user is an emoji.

For links:
No problem here. Bubble has an option on the Text object that enables it to recognise links and emails. Just select it when you place the Text option in the UI and it works fine. The user input will be simple text but when you display that input on the Text field on the conversation thread, the link will be hyperlinked.

Hope that helps.

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for emojis on desktop, you could create a function to show the emoji options and have those in your database

I haven’t fully implemented this yet, but I remember that using the code is recognized in a text field…I think the major problem here is that it wasn’t capable of being added to a text line, so adding an emoji with this method between words of a sentence isn’t possible.

I’m using it mostly to show case a response to a message

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I checked the demo and it looks great Jici.
Thanks! :+1:

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