Changing all emojis from text to emoji

Hi Bubblers!

I’m building a plugin for Slack, and it brings in emojis to my Bubble app in the format :smile_emoji: :sunny_emoji: etc.

I’d like to display these as emojis, but the only way I can think to do it is with a very long list of “find and replaces” in Bubble, ie

find :smiles: and replace with :smiley:

Is there a cleverer way to do this? Obviously it’s a mammoth task (and likely will have performances impacts) to do a HUGE find and replace list. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Emojis are also characters from the UTF-8 alphabet:

  • :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: is 128516
  • :heart_eyes: is 128525
  • :heartpulse: is 128151

That’s super interesting, I did not know that!

Not sure how it helps me here though - I’d still need to change all of the Slack native emoji to their related string of numbers, and not sure how I can automated that?

Hi, I just shared it with not knowing it would help or not. I thought you may need this now or later since you are working with emojis :slightly_smiling_face:
Secondly, I am not sure how can you automate the problem here. Some ways must be there, I am not sure.


Doing find and replaces is a good idea, but the list can get tremendously huge.

There is a plugin developed by @minimumstudio which adds a emoji picker to your app, but not sure about :typing_format.

but i hope this helps in some way. The plugin is great!


It’s a great plugin, sadly doesn’t quite do what I need though!

For anyone reading this with the same problem in the future, my plan for now is just to do a find&replace for the most popular emojis and leave it as that for now. Not great, but it will do!

I have been playing around with SMS chat bot, and noticed that when a user text back an emjoi, it saved it to the database, as that emoji.

I would maybe try creating an “emoji” data set.

Then create a Twilio SMS account and link it to your app. Text your app all of the emojis you want, and have it create a data set for each of those emojis. You could then call any emojis when using your app with “emoji buttons” from a repeating group. When you press the emoji you want from the repeating group you could create a work flow that adds it into your text.

Sounds, weird, but I think its workable. The only problem is creating the data sets of emojis might take you bit.

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