Creating Customized Emails in Bubble

Apart from Sendgrid and Postmark is there another way to create customized email with bubble. I have been trying to practice creating it in a web app but am unable to create a sendgrid account and for the postmark i do not accept normal email address

Hi/bye! To get personalized emails you have to use a service outside the bubble. Whether it’s Sendgrid or Mailchimp or any other with an API. Sendgrid is easily integrated and you really have it easy to set up templates within it!

Thank you for responding, I will check out mailchimp to see if i can get it done

If I can I allow myself to give you personal advice because I have evaluated multiple options before choosing for sendring.

I tell you that my company uses mailchimp for everything related to mail marketing… but I chose sendgrid for the low cost, the complete customization of the templates and the ease of implementation in the bubble… :slight_smile:

If you need anything else, feel free to write …

Good luck creating your app :slight_smile: