Help sending emails via send grid

I was just after some guidance to how send grid works or if there’s a better email plugin I could use ?

Bubble is fairly tightly coupled with SendGrid. Effectively, SendGrid functions as a mail relay (think of it like sending your packages via FedEx). It’s good, it’s reliable and scalable for most transactional emails.

As you want to customize (ie. have emails go out with your own standard templates, specific reply-to addresses), you’ll need to set up a separate SendGrid account. (Either free - at a trial level or a paid plan).

When you want to get into things like mailing lists (ie. a newsletter), I recommend moving towards a tool like MailChimp and sharing subscriber updates between your Bubble app MailChimp.

If you can expand on some of the questions you have, happy to respond to those. (And I’m sure others will chime in as well).

As a company we send a lot of orders to the plumbing merchants via email, I want to be able to do this within the app and also I want the order form to look exactly how I’ve set it up. If I use the email which is built in on bubble the form just sends looking really bland and very unprofessional

Have you created an account in SendGrid and taken the tour of its features?

At a base level, emails send through Bubble (via SendGrid) don’t have any styling. But you can create ‘templates’ in SendGrid which reflect more of the design and style you may want.

Just bare in mind that the primary components of an email sent are the subject and the body. So, recreating an entire look and feel of a Bubble page in an email may prove difficult (short of saving the page as an image and inserting that). There are a few plugins created by the community that make things a bit more flexible.

no I haven’t created an account. I want the order form to look exactly how I have created it when I send it by email but Im struggling on how to do it. Im new to this app making so I’m still learning .

@sam.linforth - perhaps you could share a few screenshots of what you’re looking to do (either here or in a private message).

I’ll write up an introduction to SendGrid in the next day or two and will share it here.

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