Creating data inputs and going live

I am working on a word puzzle game. I’ve heard when you go live the data doesn’t transfer. If I were to add all the words for the game in the data tab, if I went live, would the words transfer or not? This is in app data? Thanks

You can transfer your development database to live, yeah!


can is the key word.
You can choose to on the database tab

Hi there, @eswheeler1992… to elaborate on jobs answer a bit, the data in your development database is not automatically copied into the live database when you deploy your app to live. Copying your data from development to live is a completely separate feature (and rightly so), and you can access that feature here.

I’m sure it goes without saying, but you should be careful when using this feature because you are overwriting your live database. When you use the feature, you are able to overwrite a specific data type or all of the data types, so make sure you aren’t overwriting all of them if you only want to overwrite a specific one.