Creating Easy Sign-up/Login

With my app I am creating sign up with Google, Linkedin, and Facebook, but a lot of users have complained that when they make this choice they then don’t remember their Google/Linkedin/Facebook usernames or passwords. Do you know how I can auto-fill this information in so users just have to press “Sign-in”?

That’s not a function that bubble can do but a function of the browser they are using. Also, its not recommended that you use Bubble for this. Having their multiple passwords stored in bubble is not advisable.

Do you have any other advice for how to make login/sign up as seamless as possible? It seems to be a recurring issue people cite.

Nothing I can think of. They should be able to remember their various platform credentials. You’ve set up multiple options for them to sign in, if they can’t remember their credentials then it’s on them. You can also just set up a reset password flow for them via bubble credentials. That way they are not completely stuck at sign in.

To remove passwords completely from your app just use a login link verification. When user sign’s up/logs in send an email with verification link to their emails.

When they click the link sign them up and they have access to the app. This will require them to use correct emails

You can create custom emails using postmark etc.

We’re having problems with Bubble sending emails—it seems like all of the emails aren’t getting to people. You’d recommend postmark?

You could, when user enter email in email field, show a warning that they use a third party login auth (you need to do a search and maybe store this information on the first time they logged in. However, this won’t catch users that don’t use similar email.
You could also consider using Auth0 that can merge different accounts login.
There’s no perfect solution however…

Postmark and Loops are the most commonly used for emails.

If you’re sending transactional emails I would recommend loops.

You can go through their features and pricing to understand what suites your use case better.