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Signup and login with only an email address

I’m interested in creating an email only signup and login experience for a Bubble app. It’d be similar to what Medium offers.

For security purposes I’d ideally like…

  1. The link to be dynamically generated and expire after a given amount of time.

  2. The link can only be used to log in once.

  3. The link shouldn’t contain any dummy passwords.

Back in August Emmanuel mentioned that dummy passwords would be necessary for something like this, but Bubble seems to have evolved a lot since then. I’m curious to know if there might be a way to do it now.

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Came across a great blog post by @ryan that covers email only login on Bubble. It’s kinda brilliant and a great example of how incredibly flexible Bubble can be in the hands of a clever, motivated user.

In the future something like Facebook’s Account Kit will probably make a solution like @ryan’s unnecessary (assuming Bubble integrates with Account Kit). Even still, I think every Bubble user should take a few minutes to read his post. It’s a mini master class in creative thinking as applied to Bubble.


Thank you for your kind words and recommending my article!

If you have any questions about the password-less account system please feel free to contact me.

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