Creating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter post for users automatically

I want to create a function that let users automatically create posts on these platforms.

Can anyone show me how can I set up the OAuth in the API connector with these social media or is there a plugin for these things?

I have tried connecting to Facebook I can’t seem to find a way to get the long-lived access token with the native API Connector. And I also don’t how should I store the token once I get it.

For twitter, I think the authorization step is a bit different than the OAuth2 User-Agent template.


I am also looking for something like this… any leads?

Hey Jason,

Here is some info on posting to social media I gave previously:

Let me know if it makes sense or have other questions.


you could try using @Pathfix API connector plugin - their support is super as well if you need any help with setting things up :slight_smile: