Permission to manage and to post on a social account of the User

I want to build a social media management platform that helps small-mid business and organizations to successfully manage all their social media channels. I was wondering how can I be authorized to post in their social pages?
After registration, The User has to connect his social account to our app and for it, He has to authorize our app to manage and post on his account (as you can view in this picture).

How can I do it? I created a facebook app and twitter app to have api key and token.
Is there any plugin? I need help because I’m very confused with auth0, api, plugin etc…
Thanks to all

P.S…: This is the page where I ask the User the permission to manage his social account.

There are several steps, approvals, and integrations you’ll need to make so you can starting posting to your user’s social networks. It sounds like you’ve begun on the right path with creating apps at Facebook and Twitter. Realize this is an old post, but in case you or other still want to solve it.

disclosure: my company Ayrshare has a Social Media Posting Bubble Plugin and API Connector that does most of the following for you. See below.

While each network has their own flow , API, and gotcha, let’s look at Facebook as an example.

Facebook Pre-work

  1. Create an app at Facebook Developers. You’ll get an app id and secret key. This will be needed to generate an Access Token.
  2. Register your business with Facebook - you need to prove you are a registered business by providing your incorporation docs. Please check scopes and permissions - some require this.


  1. Decide with scope permissions you need. For example to publish to a FB Page you’ll need permissions like manage_page_post, page_read_engagement.
  2. Apply for the scope permissions in your FB app dashboard.
  3. Submit for review. Note: you’ll need to first build the integration since a video of the interaction, detailed docs, and a login to your site are required. Expect several rounds of questions and weeks to months for approval.

Permissions & OAuth

  1. Before you begin the review for the above scopes, you can create a test account (if your app is in prod) to start API integration.
  2. For most interactions with the Graph API you’ll need an “access_token”. This is the key for you posting on behalf of your users. There are short-lived, long-lived, and page token. Determine the type you need and make the appropriate calls. You’ll likely need both long lived and Page tokens.
  3. Getting the access token requires your user to give auth permission. This is done via OAuth and a series of dialogs. If dealing with Pages or groups, you’ll need to first get permissions download load the list of Pages and then get the Page ID for the selected page (required if posting to a Page).

Once that is all done and you have the access_token, you can start posting on behalf of your users. Be sure to manage the life of the token (short/long or if the user changes their security or password you might need to notify them to re-link).

When posting also note Facebook rules on text, images, and videos so your users don’t get banned.

Here is the Ayrshare Plugin. Your users can connect eight different social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, and TikTok) and you can post on their behalf within a few minutes:

Please let me know if you need any further help integrating Facebook and Twitter…