Creating filters

Hi, I’m just wondering if it is possible to get a plug-in/there is a way to filter posts made by users based on information on their profile(by location for example). So when my users are searching for a product on my page, they can also filter it by information the author of the post has filled in on their profile. Hope that makes sense!

You can make a conditional of repetating group to show things that = user’ profile location
and a checkbox that will trigger it

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Bubble has some nice built-in ways to do this.

If you Do a search for Posts of your db inside a repeating group, you can filter out the results based on all sorts of criteria using different ‘constraints’.

For example:
If your posts data type has a field called City, and each post has a city name associated with it like ‘New York’, ‘Los Angeles’, etc. Then you could filter your results using a ‘constraint’ of something like:

City = “Los Angeles”

To give the user some ability to make selections on the page to filter the results themselves, you can do as @sat_miha suggested and setup your repeating group using the ‘conditional’ tab to use a different ‘data source’ based on any number of criteria including matching the city of the logged in current user

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