Creating list of thing

Hello guys, I need your help please with an issue that I’m facing. :disappointed_relieved:

I have this popup in which the user can input
a description || a quantity | a unit price

each item is saved in a state a a list (we have a state for each one of these 3 items)
and then the data is shown in 3 repeating groups each from the corresponding state list (nothing is saved in the DB at this point, just saving in state, and showing from states)

This part works fine , but he problem is how do I get the data from these repeating groups to save them in the DB.

Ideally the DB should look like this in this example

Description | Quantity | Unit Price
a | 1 | 11
b | 2 | 22
c | 3 | 33

I was able to achieve this with just he first item,
But I would like to this for as many items as there is.
I found out that we can loop though an action using API workflow, but I need at least the paid personal plan to do this + it seems too complicated.

Also, why there no way of creating a list of things ? (only create one thing…)

Many thanks for your help